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Alex Wade

Office Manager

Alexandra Wade grew up in Tuscaloosa, AL and Savannah, GA where she worked and had a passion for hospitality management and event planning. After moving to Greensboro in 2013 she picked up her career helping open several Greensboro establishments. After having her first child in 2019 Alex knew she was ready to take a step back to focus on family life. Alex has known Patti, the director of PATGC, since she was 3 years old, and is considered by Patti to be one of the many children who influenced her to open PATGC. Because of this, when Alex learned of an admin opening, it just felt right to join the team. Alex became the office manager in January 2020 allowing her to fulfill her dream of staying home with her son part time, but additionally gaining vital knowledge on early childhood development to assist her in so many ways at home.