Partnering with Parents

The Parents as Teachers approach is to partner, facilitate and reflect.  We do this at every level of our organization, from a Parent Educator visiting a family in their home all the way up to the work of the PAT National Center.  The way Parent Educators interact with families can have a positive or negative influence on the effectiveness of the visit.  In order to make the most of every visit, parent educators engage families thru this cycle of partner, facilitate and reflect

Partnering – Using the routine of the personal visit to set up a pattern of shared ownership, strength-based family support, and parent education with a mind to nurturing self-efficacy and creating an environment in which parents feel comfortable taking risks to learn and discover their strengths.

Facilitating – Affirming what parents are doing well, communicating ways to encourage development, helping them notice their child’s cues, and coaching them to try new strategies when they understand their sources of their behaviors and their child’s behavior.

Reflecting – Using reflective processes (questioning, role play, visualizing) to motivate parents, identify barriers and develeop problem-solving skills.

This approach combined with a focus on development centered parenting (making explicit connections between a child’s stage of development and their behavior) increases parenting confidence, knowledge and ability. 

 Parenting Knowledge

 After participating in the program, parents report the greatest average improvement in knowledge of how their children are growing and developing.



 Parenting Confidence

50% of parents coming into the PATGC program rate themselves low in their confidence in helping their children learn at their current age. However, after participating in our program, 100% of those parents score themselves on the high end of the spectrum.

Parenting Ability

91% of parents report improvement in their ability to respond appropriately to their upset child.